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About the LAARC

Our mission is to promote and provide broad-based recreational programs to all the citizens of Devils Lake and the Lake Region area in order to improve the quality of life in our area.

A place for everyone.

Family. Community. Growth.

  • A place the entire family can go.
  • A place for youth to grow.
  • A place for seniors to enjoy.

Safe. Low-traffic. Location, location, location.

  • The location is low-traffic. Safe.
  • Located across from high school and NDSD. Regularly patrolled.
  • Location incorporates outdoor run/walk/bike paths. Accessible.

The Space.

  • Walk/run track.
  • Ice sheet for skating and hockey.
  • Pool with lap side and zero gravity side for water aerobics.
  • Splash pad. Great for small children not yet ready for big pool.
  • Community room off pool.
  • Indoor playground. Wonderful for our cold winters!
  • 3 courts. For basketball, volleyball, pickle ball, etc.
  • Community room.
  • Small area for cardio and weight equipment.
  • Child care area with providers. Two hour drop-off.

From Toddlers to Seniors, the LAARC is a place for everyone.

  • Toddlers thru Pre-K
    • Child care for parent(s) working out or playing pick-up ball or leagues. (2 hours max)
    • Indoor playground, especially during cold months which can be 6 months of the year.
    • Infant/toddler swim with parent(s).
    • Introduction to swimming lessons at a very young age in a more controlled environment.
    • Splash pad which promotes safe play in the water.
    • Introdution to skating at younger age with the ability to have more opportunities for open skate times.
  • Kindergarten thru Middle School
    • Child care for parent(s) working out or playing pick-up ball or leagues.(2 hours max)
    • Indoor playground.
    • More parkboard activities will be created.
    • Year-round swimming lessons. Easier to schedule.
    • Opportunities for open swim times.
    • Splash pad for those who don't swim.
    • Opportunities for more open skate times.
    • Courts available to shoot around or play a pick-up game.
  • High School and Up
    • A place to play pick-up ball or work out especially when the high school is in use.
    • Indoor walk/run track.
    • Community room to gather with friends.
    • More parkboard activities.
    • Opportunities for open swims.
    • Opportunities for more open skates.
    • Lifeguard training.
    • Classrooms for other certifications and healthy lifestyle learning.
    • Part-time job opportunities: child care, lifeguard/swim lessons, front desk, etc.
    • Variety.
  • Adults
    • Indoor walk/run track which adds variety compared to a treadmill.
    • A place to play pick-up ball, volleyball, racquetball, pickle ball, bad mitten, etc.
    • Leagues.
    • Lap swimming and water aerobics.
    • A place to bring your kids while working out, playing league or letting them get their energy out on the indoor playground.
    • Better times for swim lessons.
    • More open skate opportunities with the family.
    • A family environment to learn to be healthy.
  • Seniors
    • Senior swim and Silver Sneakers.
    • Low impact exercise:
      • Lap swimming and water aerobics.
      • Walk/run track.
    • Community rooms for congregation and coffee with fellow community members.
    • Opportunities to watch grandkids in activities and play:
      • Playground.
      • Skating.
      • Swimming.
      • Playing ball.

Benefits of the LAARC, a positive impact on the community.

  • A place for everyone. Toddlers to grandparents can enjoy the LAARC together.
  • Improved family dynamics. Groups and families that play together, stay together.
  • A place for our youth to go. If they are at the LAARC, it is less opportunity to be causing michief elsewhere.
  • Reacreation centers invite new activities to the community adn create community ties.
  • Attracts new people and families to Devils Lake and can be a deciding factor.
  • Bring lake-goers into town in winter and summer during cold weather.
  • The LAARC will add variety.


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